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Are you looking for top-notch handyman services in Mississauga with great care? Pick up the phone right now and call John the Handyman. Our range of Mississauga home repair services is one of the best in the city, and we hope you give us a chance to prove it!

Contact us right now and book your handyman in Mississauga. We are ready and available to take your call (and to deliver). We want you to put us to the test, and we’ll deliver a service that meets your expectations.


Professional Handyman in Mississauga Servicing Homes and Businesses

It’s our goal to be the best handyman company in Mississauga. We aim to provide you with the best handyman experience possible. Whether you need us to strip out your damaged drywall or replace your roof shingles, we’re only a call away.

Why Work with John the Handyman?

So, why should you hire John the Handyman? Why choose us from the hundreds of services operating throughout the city of Mississauga? Here are the advantages of choosing us over the competition.

Trustworthy Handyman Services

Our handyman services are trustworthy and reliable. We understand that inviting a team of handymen you don’t know into your home might be a security risk. However, we run thorough background checks on all our staff before welcoming them to the team.

Our handymen go through a comprehensive customer service training course before they ever put on a uniform and get out into the field. Our handymen know how to work with you, and we understand your needs. We’ll work with you to give you the best handyman experience in Mississauga.

One Call Is All It Takes

Please pick up the phone and call us right now. One call is all it takes to fix any problem around your home. Our teams (and handymen) can handle multiple jobs around your property simultaneously. Whether you need us to replaster your walls, tear out your old ceiling., or build your IKEA furniture sets, we do it all, and we do it fast.

Problem-Free Handyman Experience

Does the thought of hiring a handyman seem like a hassle to you? John the Handyman takes the frustration out of the process. With one call, you get access to a team of professionals ready to help.

Fast and Efficient Site Cleanups

Unlike other companies that leave your home or business looking like a mess when they leave, we include site cleanup in our quote. We will never leave your home or business premises without receiving your approval first.

No Obligation Quotes

We provide estimates when you call us to inquire (or inquire via email). However, we’ll need to see the work before finalizing the quote. After we issue you with your quotation, there’s no pressure or obligation on you to confirm your job card. We understand if you want to get a second quote. However, we’re confident you won’t find better quality service at the same price.

Friendly and Experienced Handymen

Our handymen go through a rigorous customer service training program before they ever set foot in the field. When you hire John the Handyman, you’re getting a courteous, friendly service. We won’t use any bad language around your property, and we’ll address you with the respect you deserve.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Our licensed, insured, and bonded handymen teams take the risk out of hiring our service. We have cover for our handymen and your property if anything goes wrong.

While we’re confident that nothing will happen on-site, we always arrive prepared to deal with any outcome. Reduce the risk in hiring your handyman service, and call us for fast, friendly, and safe handyman services in Mississauga.

An Outstanding Reputation in Mississauga

Our reputation is the backbone of our business. Without our clients, we don’t have any work, and we realize that your impression of us is what makes or breaks our business. We have thousands of testimonials from satisfied clients, and almost half of our business comes from returning customers or referrals.

We want your home or business to be our next success story, and we invite you to put John the Handyman to the test. 

Contact our friendly consultants right now to book your appointment today. We’ll work with your schedule to give you a world-class handyman experience that you will want to share with your friends and family.

John the Handyman – Our Mission

John the Handyman aims to be the top service provider for the community of Mississauga. We want you to think of us the moment you encounter any problem with your home or business premises. Our handymen teams are ready to help you at the drop of a hat, with fast, efficient service and prices you can afford.

Best-In-Class Handyman Services in Mississauga for Residents and Business Owners

John the Handyman offers you the best-in-class handyman services in Mississauga. We cater to residential homes, businesses, and commercial buildings like apartment blocks and warehouses.

There’s nothing we can’t do in the world of renovations, repairs, and installations. Whether you want us to lay a concrete slab or break it up, we’re the right team to hire for the job.

We pride ourselves on making our services available for the community of Mississauga. You’ll get the same 5-star service from us, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner.

Our Complete Range of Home Handyman Services in Business Mississauga

John the Handyman offers you a complete range of services for residences, businesses, and commercial properties across Mississauga. You can call us for any of the following, and we’ll send a handyman or team to your location right away.

  • Attic Inspection and Repairs
  • Basement Conversion and Renovation
  • Bathroom Fitments, Facelifts, and Repair
  • Bedroom Fitments, Facelifts, and Repair
  • Patio and Deck Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Garage Inspection, Conversions, and Maintenance
  • Home Office Repairs and New Installations
  • Kitchen Revamps and Remodels
  • Living and Dining Room Revamps and Renovations
  • Driveway and Walkway Installations and Repairs

There is no job we can’t handle. If it’s not the right fit for us, we’ll recommend a contractor for the job. Unlike other handymen that shy away from larger jobs, we’re capable of taking on bigger tasks thanks to the experience of our team and our fully licensed services.

John the Handyman Assists with All Home and Business Maintenance and Repairs

If something goes wrong in your home, call John the Handyman to fix it. We offer repairs, installations, and servicing of the following.

  • Roof Inspections, Repairs, and Sealing
  • Ceiling Inspections, Replacements, and Repairs
  • Door Fitment, Replacement, and Repair
  • Exterior Revamps, Repairs, and Renovations
  • Flooring Inspection, Repairs, and Installations
  • Drywall Installation and Repair
  • Window Inspection, Repairs, and Installations

Contact Us for Seasonal Maintenance Contracts and Home Inspections

John the Handyman is available for seasonal maintenance contracts and inspections. Are you going away on vacation? Hire us to look after your home or business. We’ll do a walkaround on your property once a week or every other week according to your needs.

We can cycle your toilets to prevent the sewer smell from creeping into your home. We’ll notify you if we find any squatters on your property or signs of forced entry to your home.

If you want to prepare your home for the winter, call John the Handyman. We’ll winterize your property by wrapping the pipework, draining pipes, and insulating the roof to minimize your heating bill.

Contact John the Handyman – We Do It All!

John the Handyman handles any task. Contact us for the following residential and commercial handyman services for your home or business.

  • Furniture Assemblies
  • Any Type of Installation
  • Masonry and Carpentry
  • Seasonal and General Home Inspections and Maintenance
  • Painting Tasks
  • Minor Plumbing
  • General Repairs Around the Home
  • Safety and Disability Installations
  • You Can Rely on John the Handyman for Annual Home Maintenance
  • Inspection and Repairs for Window Screens
  • Preventative Plumbing Maintenance
  • Plumbing Assessments and Preventative Maintenance
  • Dryer Vent Assessment, Cleaning, and Replacements
  • HVAC and Air-Con Inspection, Cleaning, and Repair
  • Drain Inspection and Rain Damage Evaluation
  • Minor Leak Detection and Repair
  • Sump Pump Assessment, Installations, and Repairs
  • Backflow Valve Inspection, Installation, and Repair

What are the Advantages of Hiring John the Handyman?

When you hire John the Handyman, you’re getting the best handyman service in Mississauga. We separate ourselves from the competition through our range of services, our dedication to the customer, and our industry reputation. Here are some of the top benefits you can expect to receive when hiring John the Handyman.


A Local Business with Ethical Ownership

We’re a local business based in Toronto, serving the residents and business owners around the greater Toronto area. We believe in community, and It’s our goal to provide affordable, effective, and reputable handyman services to the people of Mississauga.

We pride ourselves on our business ethics. With John the Handyman, you get a transparent quote with no hidden costs. We realize that our reputation is everything in this game, and we won’t take advantage of your customers to make a quick buck. With John the Handyman, you get a service you can trust.

A No-Hassle Handyman Experience

Have you hired handymen in the past only to wait for hours for them to show up at your home or business? We understand that time is your most important asset in life, and we don’t plan to waste any of it.

We arrive on-site at the scheduled time, with everything we need to complete the job at hand. You don’t need to visit the hardware store for parts, and we’ll be in and out of your property in the shortest time possible.

Customer-Centric Professional Service

We focus our business on improving the customer experience. We want you to feel that you got the best service possible. We know that our reputation is everything, and we know that you’re going to talk to your friends and neighbors about our work.

If we deliver a poor service experience, we know you’re going to tell everyone you know to stay away. However, we also know that if we provide a 5-star experience, you’re likely to leave us a positive Google Review and refer us to your friends and family.

Licensed and Experienced Handyman Services in Mississauga

John the Handyman has tons of experience working with the community of Mississauga. We complete installations, repairs, removals, and renovations for residential and commercial buildings across the city. Our handymen have the certification, licensing, insurance, and experience you need to handle your handyman job.

Contact our service center and discuss your needs with our team of friendly consultants. We’ll give you an affordable estimate over the phone and send a team (or trusted handyman) to your site to assess the work before issuing a final quote.

Our Iron-Clad Handyman Service Guarantee

We understand that you might be hesitant to hire a handyman service you don’t know, and that’s okay. However, with John the Handyman, all our work and parts come backed by our Iron-Clad guarantee. What does this guarantee mean to you? It means that if anything goes wrong with our work after we finish, call us and we fix it for free.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and service, and if it’s not up to your expectations, we’ll fix it for your approval. We only work with top-quality parts, and our handymen have adequate and extensive experience in all types of jobs. You can rely on us to do it right the first time.

How Do I Schedule Handyman Services with John the Handyman?

Ordering your services through John the Handyman is easy. We aim to make your experience with us as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Call In Or Contact Us Via Email

It starts with you calling us at your convenience and speaking with one of our friendly consultants. If you’re not dealing with an emergency, then we’ll work you into our schedule with an appointment date and time that suits you.

If you’re dealing with an emergency, call us ASAP and we will try and work you in.

Alternatively, you can always drop us an email to book your service team. We’ll get back to you with a time and date to expect your handyman and an estimate on your job if you leave us the task’s details.

We Arrive at Your Home or Business Premises Prepared

We arrive at your home or business on time and ready to work. Our teams have all the tooling and basic parts they need to complete the job on hand. If you require specialist parts, we can arrange to purchase them from our suppliers beforehand, saving you money.

Our team arrives with unmatched enthusiasm to make it easy for you to recognize us. We’re a professional service, and we aim to present ourselves as a service you can rely on and trust. We carry all required safety equipment with us, and we’ll never put you at risk of any danger.

Results and Expectations

When you hire John the Handyman, we know you have expectations around the results of our work. We aim to deliver to your expectations – doing whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction with the job.

We understand that our reputation relies on our customer’s referrals and how they talk about us to their friends and family. A significant chunk of our business comes from referrals, and we know if we do an outstanding job for you, you’re likely to recommend us to family and friends.

We never leave the job site without checking in with you to see if you’re satisfied with the results. Every job we take on comes backed by our Iron-Clad guarantee, ensuring you get the results you expect.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Handyman in Mississauga?

Handyman services in Mississauga can vary in price, depending on the company you hire and the quality of the work. Not all handymen are equal, and some have better skillsets than others. If you hire a handyman with a cheap hourly rate, it might look like a good deal.

However, they might be a newcomer to the industry trying to build their business with low-cost jobs. However, since they lack experience, they’ll probably take longer to complete the work.

As a result, you end up paying the same price for the service as you would with a professional firm like John the Handyman. The difference is that we’ll get the job done faster and to better quality standards.

Many of our clients ask us how long it takes us to complete jobs. It’s a challenging question to answer, and it depends on the task involved. For instance, fitting a new ceiling and replacing your geyser is going to be a far more extensive job compared to hanging some shelves.

Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect to pay for service with John the Handyman.

Small Handyman Projects

Small handyman jobs take us an hour two to complete. Some might only take us a few minutes. For instance, you could call us to unblock your drains or fit a new light to your lounge ceiling. We’ll charge a flat rate based on the tools and effort required to finish the job. Typically, smaller handyman tasks cost anywhere from $100 to $200.

Medium Handyman Projects

Mid-sized projects could be tasks like repairing cracked drywall or painting a focus wall on your lounge. Typically, these tasks take anywhere up to 4-hours. We could charge anywhere from $200 to $400 for the work, depending on the time and materials involved with the job.

Big Handyman Projects

Large handyman projects take four hours or longer, or you might even need us for several days. Examples would be painting the exterior of your home or sanding and sealing your deck. Larger jobs require more time and effort, and we’re happy to negotiate the rate with you based on the work involved.

John the Handyman – FAQs

Q: Does John the Handyman charge me a minimum call-out fee?

A: If you need us for a small job that takes less than 45-minutes, we’ll charge you a flat rate for our service that includes our call-out. We aim to provide affordable and efficient handyman services, and we’ll never add time to the job to increase our invoice.

We run teams of skilled professionals that know what they are doing in any home, office, or commercial building repairs or maintenance. Contact us for the best handyman in Mississauga with the best rates!


Q: Do I need a permit for John the Handyman to work on my residence or commercial property?

A: Some tasks like working on roofs, electrical components, and plumbing require specialized permits. When you book your service, inquire about the regulatory permits required, and we’ll fill you in on what’s needed. Our concierge service can organize any permits you need, saving you time and hassle.

Our Mississauga home repair services feature competent, qualified handymen that know what they are doing around your home or office. We offer licensed, insured, and bonded services to eliminate your risk when hiring a handyman.


Q: Do I have to tip my handyman?

A: No, we don’t expect any additional gratuity from you, even if you feel we worked harder than expected. Our reward is the satisfaction you receive from knowing you got the best possible result from our work. Our commitment to our clients means that we don’t expect more from you – we want you to expect more from us.


Q: Which areas in Mississauga does John the Handyman service?

A: John the Handyman offers you professional and timeous service throughout the city of Mississauga. We want you to think of us as the best handyman company in Mississauga and your partner in caring for your home, office, or commercial building.

We service anywhere in Mississauga; contact us immediately to book your appointment. From Malton and Rockwood Village in the north to Clearview and Park Royale in the south, and everywhere in-between.