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Handyman Brampton

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Are you searching for a handyman in Brampton? You’ve landed on the website of John the Handyman, and we’re ready to take your call right now.

We offer world-class handyman services in Brampton, with a customer-centric focus that puts your needs first. You can rely on us for any handyman job, big or small; we have the team to make it happen for you.

Our Brampton home repair services cover anything you need, and we work with private residences and businesses throughout Brampton. Call us or drop us an email, and we’ll attend to your inquiry immediately.


Professional Handyman Services in Brampton for Homeowners and Businesses

John the Handyman services businesses and residences throughout Brampton. Whether you’re a homeowner in Bramalea or you own a business off Queen Street East, we’re available to help you, with professional service you can trust.

Call us for a qualified, experienced handyman in Brampton. We won’t leave you waiting, and all our work comes backed by our Iron-Clad guarantee.

Why Hire John the Handyman for Brampton Home Repair Services?

So, why hire John the handyman for your Brampton home repair services? We aim to raise ourselves above the competition, offering you a top-drawer handyman service you can trust to deliver on your job site.


Service You Can Trust

We realize it might make you nervous about inviting a team of handymen you don’t know into your home or business premises. At John the Handyman, we do thorough background checks on all our employees. We don’t hire criminals or unqualified people.

Every handyman on our team goes through a rigorous training program before they ever put on a uniform. When our team walks into your premises, you know you’re dealing with professionals you can trust.

Just One Call Does It All

Our Brampton home repair services are available right now. Please pick up the phone and call our line right now. Our friendly service agents will assess your needs over the phone and give you an estimate before you hang up.

If you need someone right away, we’ll dispatch a handyman to your premises to assess the situation. With John the Handyman, you get a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable service.

Frustration-Free Handyman Services

Why go to the hassle of working with services that don’t deliver the results you expect. With John the Handyman, we take the frustration out of the maintenance work around your home or business. Relax knowing that your project is in good hands.

Professional Site Clean-Up

Unlike other contractors and handyman services that leave your home, office, driveway, or parking lot looking like a mess, we clean up your site.

Iron-Clad Guarantee

All our work comes with our Iron-Clad Guarantee. What does that mean? It means you never have to worry about poor results with the job. If anything goes wrong after we finish the job, call us, and we’ll fix it for free.

Free Quotes

Contact our offices for a no-obligation estimate. We’ll give you our best guess estimate over the phone and confirm our pricing when we arrive at the site.

Rapid Response Times

We realize that you need service, and you needed it yesterday. We have a team of talented and experienced handymen ready to service your needs at all times. Call us as soon as you need us and book your appointment fast; we offer an efficient service you can trust.

Friendly and Reliable Service

Contact us for friendly handyman services in Brampton. Our team undergoes customer service training to learn how to deal with you and any situation you’re dealing with at home or the office. We’ll ensure that we arrive at the site on time and we never overrun our jobs.

Insured, Bonded, and Licensed

Our team has the licenses they need to operate in your area and on your home or business. Our staff has the training, and we offer a fully bonded and insured service. If anything happens on-site, we have workman’s comp to cover the issue.

Our Pledge To Provide The Best Handyman Reputation in Brampton

Our reputation is everything to us. We know you’re going to leave us a Google review and talk about us with your friends. That’s why we want our interaction with you to be the best handyman experience you’ve ever received.

John the Handyman – Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the residents and business owners of Brampton with the best handyman experience possible. We aim for world-class service, backed by our iron-clad guarantee, giving you peace of mind on our work.

We understand it can be frustrating dealing with handymen, especially someone you don’t know. With us, you can expect nothing but a professional service you can trust. We’ll deliver to your expectations, and we won’t leave the site until you’re entirely satisfied with the work.

We look to position ourselves as the best handyman company in Brampton. We realize that we don’t define this moniker of our service; that’s up to our customers. Our customer reviews and testimonials are the core of our business, and we want you to be our next success story!

Best-In-Class Handyman Services in Brampton for Residents and Business Owners

Our range of handyman services in Brampton is for all business owners and residents throughout the city. We aim to provide you with a “WOW” experience you will remember.

You see, we realize our reputation is everything. If we do a good job on your home or business renovation or repair, we know you’re going to talk about us (and we also know you’ll do the same if the service isn’t up to par).

We put everything we have into every job card we complete, with the intention of providing you with total customer satisfaction. Your handyman experience deserves to be world-class, and we’re here to ensure you get the best service in Brampton.

Our Range of Professional Handyman Services in Brampton

Our range of Brampton home repair services includes the following. Contact us for assistance if you’re a business owner or resident in Brampton City.

  • Attic Maintenance and Repairs
  • Basement Conversions and Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations, Facelifts, and Repairs
  • Bedroom and Lounge Renovations and Repairs
  • Deck and Patio Repairs and General Maintenance
  • Garage Renovations, Conversions, and Maintenance
  • Home Office Installations and Conversions
  • Kitchen Renovations and Remodels
  • Living Room and Dining Renovations and Repairs
  • Walkway and Driveway Refurbishment and Repairs

John the Handyman's Brampton Home Repair Services

Contact us for any of the following handyman repair services for businesses and homes in Brampton.

Roofing Repair and Sealing

Did a storm knock a few shingles off your roof? Contact us and well replace the shingles and seal your roof for protection from the rain.

Ceiling Replacements and Repairs

If your geyser bursts, flooding your ceiling, contact John the Handyman for cleanup and replacement of your ceiling. We fix water damage from loose tiles and anything else that goes wrong with your ceiling.

Door Installation and Repairs

We fit and remove doors anywhere in the home or office. Contact us, and we’ll give you a few ideas on the right doors for your application.

Exterior Remodels, Renovations, and Repairs

Whether you need us to repair your home or business, change the aesthetics or install or remove anything – we do it all; just give us a call.

Floor Installation and Repair

Are you looking to install underfloor heating? Maybe you need us to fit your new hardwood floor? Contact John the Handyman for affordable estimates and fast, efficient service.

Drywall Fitment and Repairs

We’ll partition rooms or fix those cracks on your drywall without any hassle or mess. Contact us for the best craftsmanship in Brampton.

Window Replacement, Installation, and Repair

We’ll inspect your windows seasonally to ensure they are up to code. We always aim to repair before we replace.

Call Us! – John the Handyman Does It All!

Our handyman services in Brampton cover anything you need installing, fixing, removing, or assembling around your home or business premises.

Assembling Furniture

Did you purchase a new bunk bed for your kids from IKEA? You can rely on John the Handyman to put it together professionally, to the highest safety and quality standards.

Any Installation

We install shelving, electronics, home offices, and we’ll even fit your entire kitchen if you need it. Contact us, and we’ll sort it out.

Carpentry and Masonry

John the Handyman handles all general carpentry and masonry work around your home or business.

Paint Jobs

Let our expert artisans paint your home or business. We use high-quality paints, and we won’t drip mess on your flooring.

Small Plumbing Jobs

We can assist with small plumbing jobs around your home or business. We can get your toilet running or stop pipes leaking anywhere on your property.

General Home Repairs

Contact John the Handyman for any general home repairs, from fixing a leaky tap to refurbishing your driveway.

Safety and Mobility Installations

We install, maintain, and repair wheelchair ramps, guardrails and handrails, shower fitments, slip-and-fall protection, and staircase elevators.

Trust John the Handyman with Your Annual Home Maintenance in Brampton

We work with you to set up an annual maintenance schedule for your home or business. Some of our inspection and maintenance services include the following.

Evaluation and Repair of Window Screens

We’ll inspect your home or business and ensure all the windows are up to code. We can replace, repair, and install any type of window in any application.

Dryer Vent Inspection, Cleaning, and Replacement

Dryer vents choke up with lint and other materials during the summer. Contact us, and we’ll come through to your home to inspect it. We clean, service, and replace all makes and models of dryer vents.

Air-Con and HVAC Assessment and Repair

Is your home smelling musty? That’s a sign that your air-con or HVAC system is experiencing some congestion. Contact us, and we’ll clean the HVAC ducting or re-gas your air conditioner.

Drainage Assessment and Rain Damage Evaluation

We’ll inspect the gutters and drains around your home to ensure water flows freely to the sewer. If a storm did damage to your home, contact us for an assessment on repairs.

Detecting and Repairing Minor Leaks  

We can assess your pipework for leaks and cracks that are chewing up your water bill. Let us stop that dripping tap or fix your kitchen faucet.

Sump Pump Inspection, Installation, and Repair

We’ll examine your sump pump and make sure it’s up to code. You can rely on John the Handyman to keep your basement and home dry in the rainy season.

Backflow Valve Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

The last thing you need is your pipes backing up. Call John the Handyman, and we’ll assess your backflow valve. We also offer servicing and repairs on all backup valves.

Talk to Us about a Preventative Maintenance Contract for your Home or Business!

John the Handyman offers you a range of preventative maintenance services for residences, businesses, and commercial buildings around Brampton. Why wait for something to go wrong? If you own an apartment complex, shopping mall, or business premises, contact us, and we’ll give you a seasonal inspection.

We can arrange a preventative maintenance contract to ensure your business or home never sees any downtime. Let us visit your property and winterize it for the colder months of the year. We’ll conduct seasonal inspections on HVAC and air-con systems and wrap your pipework for the wintertime.

We always show you what we replace, and we’ll get your authorization before any repairs or maintenance on your property.

Let Us Look After Your Home or Business While You're Away

Are you going on vacation? What are you going to do about your property while you’re away? If you don’t have anyone nearby to look after your home, let John the Handyman do it for you.

We can visit your home weekly or bi-weekly and inspect it for damage or break-ins. If you’re gone for months at a time, we’ll cycle your toilets and plumbing to ensure that sewer smell doesn’t creep into your home.

If we find any evidence of a break-in, we’ll notify your right away and make arrangements to report it to the authorities or insurance company at your request.

What are the Benefits of Hiring John the Handyman?

A Local Business with Strong Ethics

As a local business, we value our reputation. We have a strong ethics base and what we quote you is what you pay, with no hidden charges.

A Trouble-Free Handyman Experience

With John the Handyman, you get a hassle-free service. There’s no waiting around for us to arrive at the site, and we’ll give you an accurate estimate of when we expect to finish the work. We’ll update you throughout the process if anything changes.

Professional Handyman Service Putting You First

Our team has training in customer care, and we respect your property and the task at hand. We aim to deliver you the best handyman experience in Brampton.

Experienced and Qualified Handyman Services in Brampton

We have a team of experienced handymen providing Brampton residents and business owners with top-quality handyman services they can rely on in any situation.

John the Handyman's Iron-Clad Service Guarantee

Our Brampton home repair services come with a no-nonsense iron-clad guarantee. If the work doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll issue you a full refund.

If something goes wrong with our work a few weeks or months later, you have a full guarantee. We’ll visit your home or business and repair the problem free of charge.

How Do I Start with John the Handyman?

Starting with John the handyman is easy. Follow this simple process to book the best handyman services in Brampton.

Contact Us and Schedule Your Service

Call our phone number whenever you need us to speak to one of our friendly consultants. We’ll book your job over the phone and get you an appointment that fits your schedule, not ours. Alternatively, drop us an email to inquire about our service, and we’ll get back to you with a lightning-fast response time to book your job.

Arrival On-Site at Your Home or Business

We arrive at your home or business premises on time for our appointment, and you’ll know it’s us at your gate or door when we arrive. We will greet you with a warm hello and make you feel comfortable and easy.

Our team has all the tools and materials we need on hand to complete the job. And, IF we need to source specialist materials from our partner network of suppliers, we’ll inform you of the costs before starting the work.

What to Expect from Our Work

Our Brampton home repair services are world-class, and we aim to deliver to your expectations with our work. We’ll walk you through the job site, and we won’t leave until you are entirely satisfied with everything.

What Are the Costs of Hiring a Handyman Company in Brampton?

What can you expect to pay for our handyman service in Brampton? The price of your job can vary, depending on the size and materials required to complete the task. For example, hanging a new door is a very different job from replacing a ceiling.

You can use the guidelines below to get an idea of what we’ll charge for the task. We’ll give you an estimate over the phone, but we’ll need to see the job before finalizing our quote. Contact us, and we’ll send a team (or someone) to your location right away.


Smaller Handyman Jobs

Small jobs typically take us less than an hour to complete. Fixing lighting or replacing a window screen is an example of a small job, and we’ll charge a flat rate for the service. Typically, you can expect to pay between $100 to $200 for the work, depending on the tools and materials required to complete the job.

Mid-Size Handyman Jobs

A mid-sized job takes between two to four hours to finish. Examples would be repairing cracked drywall or hanging cabinets. You can expect to pay between $200 to $400, depending on the requirements of the job site and task.

Larger Handyman Jobs

Lage handyman jobs could take from four hours to a few days to finish. We’ll negotiate a rate with you that’s affordable and reasonable.

John the Handyman – FAQs

Q: Does John the Handyman charge a minimum rate?

A: Yes, we charge you a flat rate if the task takes us less than an hour to complete. We’ll give you an estimate over the phone and finalize our quote upon arriving at your site (and dissecting the situation).


Q: Do I need permits for a handyman to work on my property?

A: Some tasks like repairing roofs or other structural work on your home or business may require permits. We’ll walk you through all the requirements when you contact us for an estimate.


Q: Do I need to tip my handyman?

A: No, our team of professionals doesn’t demand anything from you but your complete satisfaction with the job. We don’t care how long it takes; we’ll sort out your problem with a smile on our faces.


Q: Which areas in Brampton does John the Handyman service?

A: John the Handyman is a premier handyman company in Brampton. We service everywhere in Brampton, from the 407 in the South to Heart Lake Conservation Park in the North and everywhere in-between. Contact us for fast, friendly, affordable, and efficient service.