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Garage Door Repair and Installation – Garage Door Opener Installation

All You Need to Know About Garage Doors

What kind of a person would be interested in reading about garage doors? A homeowner, that’s who. We all want our homes to look better than the rest of the houses on our block, so what you need is more information on how the garage door can set your home apart from others.

There are just many interesting things to learn about them, and they do serve a significant purpose for every home.

How many times have you returned home with your car or truck only to find that your garage door either did not open at all or did not close after you were inside?

This has probably happened more often than you can count but if this has never happened to you, then consider yourself very fortunate. The majority of people think that when there is a problem with their garage door, they will have to pay a large sum of money for repairs.

What is a Garage Door?

A garage door is a large, usually automated, door that covers the opening to an unheated storage area such as a garage.

Garage doors come in many different sizes and styles and can be powered by electric motors, springs, or hydraulics. Most garages will have one or two standard sizes, so it is essential to know the size of your garage when looking for a replacement door.

What is a Garage Door Opener?

A garage door opener is a motorized device used to open and close a garage door. Most modern systems have two separate controls, one on each side of the electric motor unit that runs the chain connected to the trolley.

A new garage door opener can provide significant convenience and security for your home.

The beauty of the automatic door opener is that you no longer need to get out of your car, open up your garage door by hand, and then get back in the car before driving into your driveway or garage.

Your garage door opener is extremely important because it allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere within wireless range (usually around 100 feet).


* The transmitter (which allows you to communicate with your garage door opener).
* The receiver (which opens and closes the garage door).
* The track (on which the carriage that holds the torsion or extension springs rides).

Benefits of Having a Garage Door

Having a garage at home is very advantageous to any homeowner. Many people convert their garage into a living space, office, laundry room, or even a storage area because of its benefits.

Nowadays, homeowners prefer metal over wooden materials in construction since they are more durable and last longer. Plus, it can be customized according to your taste through paints and other coatings applied to it.

One way to improve the value of your property is by installing a new garage door instead of having an old one that needs repairs again and again. Before installing any garage door, though, you have to consider several things to fit your style or accommodate your budget.

A good example would be steel doors because while they provide excellent security, they also offer value to your property.

If you’re wondering what other benefits you can get from having a garage door, here are some:

It Provides Safety and Protection

If you want to ensure the safety of your family and assets, using a garage door is one way to do it. It comes with necessary features such as keyless entry and remote controls, allowing easy accessibility for everyone in your household. And because it is made of steel material, it will be hard for burglars or intruders to break into your home.

Security measures like these help reduce the risk of death every year caused by burglaries and intruders trying to gain access into homes with no high-tech security systems installed yet.

It Provides More Value for Your Home

Aside from improving the look of your home, using a garage door assures you that you are adding value to your property. Many people buy houses based on their impressive features like driveways, garages, and other structures.

So if ever you plan to sell your house after some time, it will surely be more marketable because of its attractive appearance.

Easier Access

With the growing demand for housing in almost every country, real estate properties need to increase their standards by providing easy access to clients entering their premises.

This is one way they can compete with other sellers who offer better facilities than them. A garage door can help provide convenience, especially during peak seasons or special events.

It Assures You of Convenience

A garage door installation designed for your home is carefully planned to ensure that it will be more accessible, especially if many cars, people, or other vehicles need entrance into the property.

The moment you pull up in front of your garage, your effort will pay off since you no longer have to do a lot to open and close it. That’s because automatic systems installed can do it with a press of a button from inside or outside your car!

All in all, having a garage door at your home offers several benefits which everyone should know about. So if ever you’re planning to buy one soon, make sure that the contractor designing and installing them has years of experience working on similar projects because your safety and security are at stake.

Benefits of Garage Door Openers


Installing a garage door opener provides extra protection for your home and family. Having an automatic door opener installed makes it possible for you to enter or leave without getting out of your car, thus making you vulnerable to outside elements.


Having a garage door opener increases the comfort of entry and exit from your home. You don’t have to carry or open heavy items that can hurt you as it slides down on its own as the door opens into the garage!

A keypad is also an option that provides even greater security and convenience. The more advanced models include backup batteries in case of a power outage, so you won’t be stuck outside with no way to enter!


In addition, you will find great value added by installing a new garage door opener. The safety and convenience factors provide peace of mind along with greater security for you. Also, energy-efficient appliances are highly beneficial to the world we live in.

Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient appliances provide savings to both your wallet and the environment by lowering your energy costs. Compared with manual openers, automatic door openers are far more energy-efficient. This helps reduce your energy bills adding up over time which is a bonus!

Different Types of Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers vary in type and design. The most common one is a chain-drive opener, which uses a metal chain to pull the door’s arm up or down to open it when you press the button on your remote control.

This type of opener works well when there is enough room above the garage door opener for the track to move back and forth, but if space is limited, you may need to install an extension kit that allows more clearance.

A screw drive opener operates with a motorized wheel screwing mechanism that pushes and pulls the door open and closed – so instead of moving side to side like a chain drive unit, light pressure from your finger will lift it upward. It requires less maintenance than belt-drive units because there are no movable parts that can break.

A belt-drive opener is a little more expensive than a screw drive, but it is ideal for homes with limited overhead clearance because the track hangs from a single metal rod and has no chains or ropes to obstruct its movement. Belt-drive openers are suitable for insulated garage doors because their design keeps the door sealed tight during operation.

The most energy-efficient openers are torsion-resistant; they also give you the freedom to open your door manually in case of power loss down the line (this will come in handy if you like to pull your car into the garage every night after work).

The only potential drawback is installation time – torsion-resistant models must be hard-wired directly into your home’s main electrical system.

Types of garage door openers:

CHAIN DRIVE: A chain is used to move the trolley attached to the door up and down the track guide rail at a typical speed of 1 foot per second (roughly). The chain system can be found on most residential installations and has been around for decades, but it requires maintenance as it stretches over time and will need replacement eventually.

Compared to other types of openers, they are quiet, which makes them popular in residential areas where noise could be an issue with neighbours or family members.

BELT DRIVE: This type could be found on commercial buildings but is mostly used in residential areas for almost noiseless operations. The belt drives are long-lasting since they don’t stretch or slip like chains do and require little to no lubrication throughout the years.

The drawback would be that they can be very expensive depending on who manufactures them.

SCREW DRIVE: The screw drive is the most powerful type of garage door opener, which requires an electric motor to power it, so be prepared for some high electricity bills when using this type of garage door opener.

Screw drives are relatively cheap since they’re mass-produced and don’t need too much maintenance over the years due to their lack of moving parts that can fail or wear out like other types of openers.

JACKSHAFT: Jackshafts are typically found in detached garages with living spaces above them and are mostly used to automate the carriage door. They are also very quiet, but they don’t open as fast as chain or belt drive units, so if speed is vital for you, this isn’t the best opener type to use unless it’s just for an office.

DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR: Direct drive motors are found in commercial buildings since they require no chains, belts or gears that can easily fail over time which could be costly in maintenance and repairs. It’s cheap compared to other types of garage door openers, but it’s not your safest bet when looking for one, so be aware of your choice if safety is a concern.

How to Check if a Garage Door Needs Repair?

A garage door can be a significant problem if it does not work properly. It would be best if you kept your garage doors in good condition because this might affect the safety of your home and your family.

When you experience problems with your garage door, get professional help right away. Many things can go wrong with a garage door, so calling professionals when needed is best. If you want to know how to repair your damaged or broken garage door, here are some tips for you:

Look For Loose Wires And Hinges

The first thing you need to do when trying to find out how to repair a damaged or broken garage door is to inspect it thoroughly. Check if all the hinges and screws are in place. If they are not, tighten them properly. Also, examine the door tracks and see if anything is blocking them. If wires or bolts are loose, use a screwdriver to tighten them.

Inspect The Hardware Parts Of Your Garage Door

Use a reliable garage door opening system. Check for any worn-out parts that need to be replaced, like springs and cables. Take note of these details before buying new ones to know what kind to get later on. Replace broken cables and other rusty parts immediately to prevent further damage, including accidents due to malfunctioning doors.

Invest In A New Or Used Garage Door

If your problem is very serious and if the parts of your garage door are beyond repair, it is advised that you buy a new garage door immediately. Rather than spending on repairs that might cost more, spending on a new one instead is better. If you want to be able to determine whether or not to buy a new or used garage door, here are some pointers for you:

* If your old garage door has dents and rusts all over it, invest in a new one instead.
* Replace doors with those made of steel as these kinds can last longer.
* Make sure that the designs and colour of your old ones will match the layout of your house so you won’t have problems with its compatibility later on.

Since replacing an old garage door with a new one will cost you a lot of money, it is recommended that you buy a used one which is still of good quality. You can also check garage door outlet stores or classified ads so you can save more money. If buying used doors is not for you, replace your old ones with the newest models available.

Essential Tips in Installing a Garage Door Opener:

Warning, if you are not comfortable working on electricity, do not continue with this project. Call a professional electrician to do the job for you.

NOTE: These instructions may vary from model to model, so ensure that you have your user manual handy when following them._

LOCATION AND SAFETY: Before anything, make sure to place the motor unit in height and position in the room. You should also check which power outlet has enough access underneath the unit or above head height, which circuit breaker you are using.

NOTE: If the motor unit is too close to the wall, it will rub against it when operating correctly. And make sure there are no beams in the way.

REMOVE OLD UNIT: Some units come with an automatic reversal feature so you can lift and lower your door manually for safety before disconnecting your old opener. You may need a friend’s help with this because they can be quite heavy and bulky to move around on your own.

WARNING: Be careful not to pinch yourself while moving the old garage door opener because fingers and hands can easily get caught between chains, gears, and other parts that could cause severe injury!

CHECK WIRE TYPES: This is the most critical part of the entire process because it may require you to upgrade electrical cables or replace them if they are not compatible with your opener.

NOTE: If you open your garage door but still see it closed, you must be careful to find out why because an unexpected injury can occur! One way you can check for this is by placing a string or wire in front of the lower track to trigger the opener’s safety beam._

WIRING: There are two ways to wire your new opener:

* Hardwire (connected directly into an electrical box).
* Plug-in (requires an extension cord).

You can choose either one depending on what kind of unit you purchased.

WARNING: If you do not know how to work with electricity, call an electrician to install the garage door opener for you.

PROGRAMMING: Once your new garage door opener is installed and plugged into the wall, press the learn button on the back of your old opener’s motor unit (place it in programming mode). Hold down on one of its buttons until all of its lights start blinking. Now, do the same process with your new opener’s remote control(s).

NOTE: Some people may find it easier to program each remote control individually instead of doing them all simultaneously. Do whatever works best for you._

SAVE A LIFE: After installing a garage door opener, you should use the manual release cord to disconnect power from your door. This way, you can pull down your garage door to ensure it works correctly and safely before closing it again.

And if a fire occurs in or around your garage, remember that all garage doors are metal which could spark an electrical fire when closed because of their proximity to other combustible materials. So keep a phone nearby in case you need to call for help!

Also, always check your coolant level if it is too high!

Steps in Installing Garage Door Openers:

Your garage door is your home’s first line of defence. A worn-out or malfunctioning garage door opener leaves you and your family exposed to harm. Installing a new model can help restore security and keep you safe from intruders.

The essential step in the installation process is determining which type of garage door opener will work best with your style and make of garage door. You can purchase different models for single or double doors, so it’s crucial to determine the number of doors on your property before making a selection.

Some modern openers come with their own safety sensors, but many older models do not. Safety sensors enable the machine to stop if anything obstructs its path while opening or closing the panel covering your garage entry. For this reason, it is vital to purchase a unit that comes with safety sensors.

Once you have selected your garage door opener model, the next step is to install it. Most units are relatively simple to install and come complete with an installation manual. If anything is confusing about the process, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely, and you should be done in no time.

All openers feature different installation methods, so it is necessary to identify which type of system will work best for your specific style of the garage door panel.

* The first step in installing any opener is to disconnect the trolley from its track. Then remove all trolley weights before unclamping the cable that runs through the inside section of your garage ceiling panel at the nearest wall.
* Next, you will need to attach the wiring cable from your new opener onto that same cable inside the ceiling section. It would be best if you only attempted this after you had checked for a green ground wire running along with the black and white primary wires. If there is one, use it as a guidepost to match the colours on both cables before attaching them.
* If there isn’t a green grounding wire present, or if it does not fit into your new unit’s requirements, then attach all three colour-coded wires by twisting their ends together clockwise until they are relatively tight and secure.
* Once attached, it is simply a matter of clamping down those two sections of exposed fencing onto each other tightly before reattaching the trolley to its track. Once everything is in place, plug in your opener to an electric power supply, and you are ready to go!

A garage door opener can help keep your home secure while also providing a simple solution for making entries much more convenient. If you feel that your unit is not working correctly or are just looking to replace it with a brand new model, then following these easy steps should have you back up and running in no time!

How to Take Care of Your Garage Door?

Many people are unsure of the best ways to maintain their garage door. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. These simple steps will help you protect your investment and ensure maximum longevity for your garage door.

Maintain Your Gear Strips

Gear strips are a thin piece of rubber-like material that sits just inside the bottom of your garage door track. This gives the rollers something to catch on when they are closing or opening so that there isn’t any unnecessary noise or damage done.

When this rubber wears down, it makes the tracks rough and causes strain over time, leading to broken springs, bent tracks, stuck rollers, and other problems.

Lubricate Properly

Use high-quality silicone spray lubricant on the door rollers and hinges about twice a year (more often if your garage is exposed to the elements). This will keep everything running smoothly and prevent rusting. It also helps keep bugs from getting into the cracks of the garage door. Be careful not to spray near open motor parts; however, grease can damage wiring over time.

Inspect Your Hardware

Check all bolts and screws periodically for tightness, especially at the top center bracket where two sections come together, springs are attached, along with the garage door opener. Tighten or replace screws and bolts as needed to keep them secure and in good working order.

Oil the Garage Door Openers

The main wear-and-tear items on a garage door opener are gears, which need regular lubrication with a high-quality silicone spray lube. This will help your opener run all year smoothly long, and it will prevent premature breakdowns. Check for worn gear teeth once a year; if you see any, replace the whole unit, so your entire opener doesn’t fail.

When Should You Hire a Garage Door Installation and Repair Service?

Homeowners should get their garage doors checked quarterly. This is necessary since a part of the home can potentially cause significant damage if not properly used or maintained. It’s easier to spot damage when you do regular check-ups because things like loose, faulty panels will immediately catch your attention.

For instance, if your garage door opener has not been working well lately or you hear loud screeching sounds while opening or closing your garage door, then it may be time to call a professional service provider to check on these problems.

Such noises could mean something is wrong with the hinges of your garage doors which can be more serious than what you think.

If you want to save money and handle simple tasks such as changing a garage door, installing or repairing yourself is advisable.

However, if your garage doors are pretty complicated or you don’t feel comfortable trying this on your own, then never hesitate to hire professionals for the job. They will be glad to help. Find one with a good record of service to rest assured that they know what they are doing, especially when it comes to your safety.


It pays for homeowners always to keep track of how well their garage doors are working; they have sensors attached, after all. It can tell you when something is wrong. If there are signs that your door isn’t working well, the best thing to do is call for service right away.

Repairs, Installation, and Maintenance

Garage door installation in Toronto and repair services are best when they are needed. However, it is good to know some signs that might indicate the need for such services.

Find professionals who have a high level of expertise in all aspects of garage door service, including installation, repairs, and maintenance. Many companies are offering these services, so make sure you choose only those with good track records.

You’ll also want to check if they have emergency repair services because these things happen at inconvenient times. The last thing you want is to wait for someone days later before it can finally be fixed.

This might give thieves the chance to enter your home during that time, leading to dangerous situations. Be proactive about getting things fixed with a service that has 24/7 customer support.

Professional Services for Your Garage Door

You’ll be happy to know that many companies are offering professional garage door installation and repair services. Some have been in the industry for years already, so that you can trust their level of expertise.

Make sure they have proper licensing and insurance, too, so you won’t be held liable if something goes wrong during or after your project is completed. In addition, it’s best to hire a company that offers free estimates upon request. This way, you will know how much you need to pay beforehand, so there will be no surprises once the project starts.

If possible, go for those who also offer to finance because this could come very handy, especially when you don’t have the total amount at once.

Please don’t wait until it is too late before hiring a garage door installation and repair service provider. These professionals know how to work with all types of makes and models, so you can be assured that they will find the best solution possible for your problem, whatever it may be.

What to Expect When Hiring a Garage Door Installation and Repair Service?

If you own a home, you will likely need to get your garage door serviced at one time or another. While most people are capable of servicing their garage doors through regular maintenance and inspections, there may come a time when you need to call in the professionals for some help.

When considering whether or not you should hire professional help for your garage door installation and service needs, consider these five facts:

New Garage Door Installation Costs More than Repairing an Old Garage Door

Anyone interested in replacing their existing garage doors can expect to pay more than it would cost them to repair their old model. This simply has to do with more materials creating brand new doors than repairing the old ones.

Garage Door Installation Costs are Involved with More than just Parts

When you need professional help for your garage door, it will come down to paying for parts and installation as well. This is because unless you can install your own doors, some people will have to pay someone to install them for you.

Garage door installers are needed on the initial service call and for any future issues that come up with your garage door.

Short-Term Fixes for Your Garage Door May Cause Long-Term Problems

Unless you happen to be very experienced in maintaining or servicing your garage doors yourself, it is recommended that you leave this type of work to the professionals. Many issues with garage doors may seem minor on the surface but can lead to far more severe problems further down the line.

Finding the Right Service for Your Needs Can Be a Challenge

Unless you have a good idea of what needs to be done with your garage door, it can be difficult to know where you should turn for help. But considering what things need to be done concerning your current situation will make it easier to choose which service and company best meet your needs.


As discussed above, hiring a professional has many benefits compared to installing your own garage doors. When you consider that installing a new garage door is easier than trying to repair your old one, this can be just the incentive needed for people who are on the fence about whether they should hire help or not.

It is up to you to decide what type of company you feel most comfortable working with. Do your research and speak with friends and family before making any final decisions. But by doing some research first, choosing the right help for your needs will go a long way toward making things run smoothly in the future for both you and your garage door.

How to Look for the Best Garage Door Installation and Repair Service in Toronto?

If you are looking to find a reliable company for garage door installation and service in Toronto, it is a wise idea to research first. Different companies can do the work, so be sure to check details first. The good news is that sites on the internet can provide you with information about these services.

When searching for a reputable garage door installation and service company in Toronto, you should note one crucial tip is looking at previous clients’ feedback. This will help you determine whether or not the company has satisfied customers’ expectations before.

Also, if other people recommend a particular garage door repair in Toronto and maintenance company because they were happy with their services, this must be a great point of consideration.

In addition, it is a good idea to check out the company’s website. Some of these sites have information about their licenses and permits, so you can verify if they can accomplish this. It does not matter whether or not the company has been in this industry for an extended period because what matters is that they can provide quality services.

It would be best to ask for referrals from friends and family members who know companies offering garage door installation and service in Toronto. People would often recommend an established one instead of a new company because only trusted companies can provide high-quality services.

Also, you can get referrals from professionals like real estate agents because they usually deal with a lot of companies that offer these kinds of services.

These are some helpful tips that you can follow to find the best garage door installation and service in Toronto. As mentioned earlier, make sure to look for essential details first before deciding on what company to hire

Why Should You Hire John The Handyman For Your  Garage Door Needs In Toronto?

As one of the most trusted companies in Toronto, we have significant experience with garage door installations and repairs. With us, you get the best combination of premium services and affordable rates.

We offer a wide range of garage doors at different price points to accommodate everyone’s budget. We are proud to say that all our products are sourced from reputable Canadian suppliers with longstanding records in this industry.

We have certified installers who are trained extensively to provide the finest quality workmanship. They can handle commercial and residential jobs skillfully and efficiently, even on the odd hours required when your schedule is tight or during peak season (holidays). Our emergency team can also be dispatched to address any urgent undertaking to your satisfaction.

Our garage door installation and repair services are available round the clock to provide you full coverage for any eventuality, be it day or night. We also have a same-day service where we dispatch a team of technicians within 24 hours after receiving your call.

Benefits of Our Garage Door Repair and Installation Services


* Availability on weekends and late nights – no need to wait until Monday morning before contacting us for assistance.
* Fast response anytime, even during peak hours when most people prefer not to have additional workloads.
* Added pressure from family members expecting things done right away.
* Availability on public holidays at no extra charges from your pocket.
* Affordable rates – compare our rates with others in this industry, and you will see the difference.
* We have a huge clientele base – this means we can save you more time and money as we don’t have to re-advertise every week to get new business.

Our Garage Door Opener Installation Service

You can also hire us for the best prices in this industry for garage door opener installation, maintenance, and repair. Our dedicated technicians are highly customer-oriented, so they understand your requirements before working on your projects. They put all their efforts into making sure that the results meet or even exceed your expectations.

As far as security is concerned, your family’s safety is our priority at all times. All our installations follow recognized industry standards, so there is nothing to worry about any untoward incident.