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I offer handyman and home improvement services for Shreveport, Bossier City, plus Red River, DeSoto, Caddo and Bossier Parishes.

Being a good handyman is more then driving a nail into a board and stuffing a few bills into your shirt pocket. It’s about caring for people. Some people call it “Old School”. Taking ownership of the task and pride in your craft.

But sadly times have changed and we have lost something we took for granted. I see it on Tv. I hear on the grapevine. I feel it in the air. The growing sense that every man is out for himself. Where have all the heroes gone?

For more then thirty-five years I have asked two questions from the people I have done work for. 1) What do you do for a living? 2) What do you do for fun? I have had many types of jobs during my long life and it has blessed me with a wide knowledge of life and how things work – including people.

It will soon be fours years since I started this business full time and it’s been the people that has kept me going through the cold and the heat, the feast or famine knowing that the next time I set my foot outside my door I may be starting a new adventure with a persons unknown. What will tomorrow bring?

This website is not about how to fix a leaking faucet or getting rich. It is the start of a book. The Philosophy of a Handyman.

I invite you, the contractor and client, to share your own thoughts and adventurers as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Handyman –  10-2-2014

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