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Last update Sunday Feb 8th!!! The bad weather has been playing havoc on scheduling.

Sat Feb 22nd: Booked

Friday Feb 21st: open
Thurs Feb 20th: open
Wed Feb 19th: open
Tues Feb 18th: open
Monday Feb 17th: open

Sat Feb 15th: booked
Friday Feb 14th: Open
Thurs Feb 13th: Booked if weather is good!
Wed Feb 12th: open
Tues Feb 11th: open
Monday Feb 10th: open (Was booked, weather bad, rescheduled for thurs)
Sun Feb 9th: off
Sat Feb 8th Booked
Friday Feb 7th Booked

Sat Jan 25th: Booked unless weather bad then booked following Monday.
Fri Jan 24th: open
Thurs Jan 23rd: Open
Wed Jan 22nd: Open
Tue Jan 21st: Booked????
Mon Jan 20th: Booked
Sunday Jan 19th: Off

Sat Jan 18th: Booked
Friday Jan 17th: Booked
Thurs Jan 16th: Booked
Wed Jan 15th: Booked
Tues Jan 14th: Off





Mon Jan 13th: Maintenance
Sun Jan 12th: Afternoon Booked

Sat Jan 11th: Site SurveyFri Jan 10th: off
Thurs Jan 9th Booked
Wed Jan 8th Booked ???????
Tues Jan 7th: Booked
Monday Jan 6th. Booked
Sunday Jan 5th: Morning Church, Afternoon time wife and working on my mountain bike.

Sat Jan 4 th: Booked all day. Installing selves in a attic.

Friday Jan 3rd: Morning - Paper work, Afternoon i may go to small claims court to get the $300 American roofing of shreveport owes me.

“On time – Done right”

On- time? I call before I arrive and even let you know if I am running a little late. You know when I am going to be there. No waiting around! I arrive ready to work.

Done Right? Call me "Old School" but I take pride in a job well done. It' what makes my line of work rewarding. Being able to stand back and say. "Awesome!"

What to Expect

1) You call or e-mail me and ask if I can do a certain type of work. What I charge or if I can give an estimate.

2) We then briefly talk more about your needs and if sounds doable, I will go ahead and get your name, address, phone numbers and enter it into my notebook. I then ask if your address will pull up in my GPS. Sometime I may even get your "Best time to call"

3) We then set up a time for me to either (A) come take a look at what you have or (B) set up a time for me to start working. It may depend on the project.

(Note: If I have a job in the morning and you want to meet in the afternoon or evening, there is always the risk of me running late or even having to cancel. Many times a client will request more work from me and by the time I make it to you I could be worn out and filthy. So sometime it's best if we meet in the morning or on a day I do not have anything scheduled. )

Staying in contact.

You time is valuable and I respect that. I strive to keep you up-to-date on anything that effects your day or your project. I call before I arrive and let you know if I running late due to traffic or unforeseen events. 


Free Advice

I love to help people. It's what I do. Don't hesitate to to give me a call between 8AM to 8PM or send me an e-mail or text. Even if it's something you are thinking of doing yourself or need advice in finding someone to do the work. I am always here.

Not your average Handyman.

I suppose most people have an image of what a handyman is. Or at least what they used to be.

Me? I am high tech "fix-it" kind of guy. I have two home offices, four computers, one laptop, and a very modern smartphone. I have certifications in computers, networking, website design and more. Even one in audio engineering.

  I have my life with the same types of tools needs to be a handyman. 

So why am in a "Handyman"? Freedom. Freedom to pursue my hobbies and passions. Freedom to make my own decisions Freedom to explore the world and meet new people. Sometime it's hot or cold and the pay's not so great, but I still love it.

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I like to settle up when the work is done or at least once a week for any hours put in. I can even swipe a credit card on my smart phone. My wife does all the bookkeeping and can send you an invoice or I can hand write you an invoice when the job is done. All payments go to my business acct (BreVananas LLC.) Even cash. This has been my full time job for the last three years and I still I love it.

I pay taxes and report all income.

 No money upfront unless supplies are going to cost more then I happen to have. Sometimes I have lots of money around, sometimes not. But I usually always have a few hundred around somewhere.

( Tip: Home Depot will take your credit card info directly from you over the phone for supplies needed for the job. Lowes will not.)

Coverage Map!

new I have added a coverage map to show the areas that I service.